Water and waste water technology


Water treatment...

GRUNDFOS dosing pumps DDA/DDC/DDE / DDI and from 60 l/h DME have significant product advantages compared to conventional technologies due to their step motor technology.

Some advantages are user friendly menu navigation, clear display and especially by DDA and DDC signalling of the operating conditions with display colours white/green/yellow/red and the current adjusted output with clear text display in ml/h and l/h.

Adjustment ranges from 1:3000 or 1:1000 and 1:100 by dosing pumps DDA/DDC/DDE/DDI/DME/DMX/DMH make choosing the right pump type easier. These pumps can be used in different applications in municipal or operating constructions. Requirements: chemical continuance, processing of pulse signals or mA signals on each named type without additional price, incl. timer or batch mode, e.g. used by antifoam dosing.


Waste water treatment:


dosing of metallic salt in liquid mode like iron or aluminium alliance


antifoam dosing (timer or batch mode)


polyelectrolyte dosing with anticavitation mode by DME types


The delivery rate of inserted GRUNDFOS dosing pumps can be easily adjusted by plus and minus buttons - a significant easement to find out the precipitating agent consumption and to optimize your operating resources.

We also offer complete solutions with tank farms from Austrian producers in order to simplify the commercial and technical process for our customers.



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