The excitation possibility of corresponding dosing pumps in batch or timer results in solutions in filling in small series or automation processes.


Solution statements could be:


Collaring of a cleaning solution for a CIP cleaning construction


Collaring of a formulation for a colourant in the range of napkin paper colouration


Collaring of a formulation for coating seeds with fertilizer, colour identification



All DDA, DDC, DDI, DME, DMX dosing pumps get controlled over different signals (impulse - mA signal) and can modify their specific output in relation to fluid-flow measurement, contact water measurement or IDM (inductive fluid-flow measurement) of a pH controller or an analytical indicator.

Control range of GRUNDFOS step motor dosing pumps: 1:3000, 1:1000 or 1:800

Mostly the FU-rotational frequency regulating in dependency of reference value occurs only by DMH and DMX pumps.

From our gallery you will see some of our implemented constructions and dosing kits. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!




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